Waiting in the Hallway

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Today I’m waiting. There have been many instances in my life that I have waited on the Lord.

I have learned  a few things from my past “waitings”:

  • Waiting on the Lord is not a dry and weary place. (The world is the one that says that.)
  • My strength is renewed as I wait upon the Lord. (Great Chris Tomlin song)
  • As my strength in Him is renewed, my joy increases. (The joy of the Lord is my strength)

These revelations have stirred me up in hope as I have waited upon Him. So, I am not new to this waiting. Until I go to Heaven I am sure that I will go through many more times of waiting on the Lord. That would mean I have learned another truth:

  • We don’t just wait on the Lord once, learn it, and never do it again!

In this time of waiting, the Lord whispered in my heart and showed me a picture of His goodness. The thing I am learning this time:

  • He has the very best for me and I am just not ready to receive it.

He is waiting with anticipation to give it to me. I am not ready. The picture He is showing me is not that He has awful things to break off me or fiery trials that I must walk through in order to be prepared. No, instead He is showing me that what I’m expecting His answer to be is completely different than what He wants to give me. My heart and understanding aren’t ready yet for the good things He has for me.

If He opened the door now that He wants me to walk through, I would probably look at it and keep walking. The door is going to lead me to places I haven’t even thought I would be going. His dreams and plans for me are beyond what I can think or imagine.

God is so good that He doesn’t want me to miss what He is giving me!

So, as I am waiting on Him today, I will keep pressing on. I will keep my heart open to His goodness and His direction for my life. I will declare that I am easily adjusted and easily corrected by Him. I will believe that as I continue to do the things that I know to do, He will reveal to me how my innermost desires will be fulfilled through His answer for me.

I will increase in hope and anticipation because though I do not see anything happening in this earthly realm, I know that my loving and good Father is waiting with excitement to open the doors that He has for me.

Blessings my friend,

Elle Stahlhut Roetzel


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