Uncovering What You Believe

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It was a powerful moment for me years ago when I had an experience of the Lord’s love that completely set me free. His love poured into my heart just like the Word says in Romans 5:5, “by the power of His Spirit,” and everything changed for me from that moment forward. The way I walked through my circumstances with the Lord were never the same. Amazing that before that moment, I didn’t even know that I was bound.


I was a strong Christian, in the Word daily for long periods of time, and teaching and leading others in their faith. I didn’t understand that all the things that I “knew” to be true, I was not “believing” in my heart to be true for me in my situations.


How do you discover if there are things that you know to be true but aren’t believing them to be true? You look at how you respond in the difficult situations.


Difficult situations are a blessing because they reveal where you stand in your believing. I know that you probably don’t like walking through difficulties, but God uses them to speak to you. The enemy uses them to wear you out and remind you how you keep messing up. But God. He doesn’t want you to remain where you are. He wants you completely set-free, standing on a firm foundation, and walking in the fullness of your redemption and restoration.


Click this link to download an assessment that I have created to help you understand what you know to be true and what you are believing to be true. You may be surprised what you find out. But I promise that as you use this assessment as a reality check to move you forward, you will never be the same.


Blessings my friend,



Elle Stahlhut

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