Do Not Fear Intimacy

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As I sat with the Lord, this is what I heard whispered in my heart:

“Come, come, My darling! I have prepared a place for you in the intimacy of My love. It’s a place where you can rest. It’s a place where I have prepared for you to be with Me. All your cares and all your burdens will be undone in the depths of My love. Come and gaze upon my pierced hands and feet. See for yourself all that I died to give to you. Touch Me and know that My wounds are real and that I gave everything for you to come and be in this place with Me.”

“I held nothing back from you. Would you do the same for Me? Will you come, just come and enter in. I will help you lay it down. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Allow My love for you to undo everything that hinders you and keeps you bound. Try Me. Come give My love an opportunity. All the other loves you have will fail you darling. I AM the One who will keep you. I AM the One you can trust to keep you safe and heal your wounds. I AM worth more than all the things you chase and all the things you cling to.”

Luke 24:37-39 Passion Translation, “While they were still discussing all of this, Jesus suddenly manifested right in front of their eyes! Startled and terrified, the disciples were convinced they were seeing a ghost. Standing there among them he said, “Be at peace. I am the living God. Don’t be afraid. Why would you be so frightened? Don’t let doubt or fear enter your hearts, for I AM! Come and gaze upon my pierced hands and feet. See for yourselves, it is I, standing here alive. Touch me and know that my wounds are real. See that I have a body of flesh and bone.”

Jesus is the God, the only God that is alive!

Why would He need to tell the disciples to not fear Him?

Why are we so afraid to see Him as the God who lives, who intimately loves us and died for our sins?

They knew Him intimately, yet they became fearful when they saw Him! Religion is safe. Knowledge is a safe place to have a relationship with God. It doesn’t mess with your living or your being. When the disciples saw Jesus, it was going to mess with what they believed. They saw Him crucified and knew He was buried but now He stood before them! If that didn’t mess with them?! So, when you begin to see Jesus, spend time with Jesus, search to experience him in the Word, and seek His heart in prayer, it’s going to mess with what you know, it’s going to challenge what you understand, and it may just convict you about your choices, your believing, your past, and your priorities.

Jesus was wounded for your healing. As you place your hands in His wounds and begin to receive revelation about the truth of His wounds, you will receive your healing. You cannot stand at a distance and just gaze upon the wounds. He is inviting you to touch Him and know His wounds. He is inviting you to know the depth of which He paid the price for you to be healed. He wants you to know that He was there when you were wounded and broken and He stepped in to take the depth of the pain so you can now receive the depth of His love.

So, I repeat the words Jesus spoke, “Do not fear!”

Do not allow fear to keep you out of intimacy with Jesus! Don’t hold unto the things that keep you “safe,” because you really aren’t safe. You are only safe in Him. When you make the choice to come into the most intimate of places, the Bridal Chamber, you will need to begin laying down the things that bring you value because He is the only place to find your true value. The way you have protected yourself from the wounds of your past and the walls you have built to protect yourself really don’t protect you. You need to allow His love to break down the wall and begin to know that He is the only one who can protect you.

He is saying “Do not fear. Come closer, enter in.”

Spend time getting to know Him, His truth, His goodness, and His love so that you can enter into the deep intimacy with Him that he longs to have with you.


Elle Stahlhut

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