Who Says You Are Disqualified?

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Do you remember filling out job applications?

Our youngest child, Lydia, took a class this past year to learn how to fill out an application and then she had the chance to apply for a job during the State Fair at Sweet Martha’s Cookies! I’ve never seen anyone as excited as she was to apply to work.

No interview for this job, just having the right connections was the only qualification needed. Well, Lydia has a friend who knows a girl who has been working there each summer.

So, we filled out the application, making sure the girl’s name was included on the application.

Sometimes we just need to know the right person, right?

Philippians 2:9 TPT, says, “Because of that obedience, God exalted him and multiplied his greatness! He has now been given the greatest of all names!”

As a believer, you have a relationship with the One whose name is above every name. His blood qualifies you:

  • To enter into the very presence of God and boldly request your every need;
  • To receive blessing and cancels all judgement against you;
  • To become the righteousness of Christ;
  • To walk in your purpose and destiny;
  • To live in peace, joy, love, hope, and expectation;
  • To receive all the promises of God!

Don’t disqualify yourself when God has qualified you!

Do you feel:

  • Unworthy?
  • Hopeless?
  • Rejected?
  • Hidden?
  • Stupid?
  • Not enough?
  • Overlooked?

You are qualified based upon Jesus and not based upon yourself.

We have the choice to receive and believe the truth of Jesus for us or to deny the power of all that He accomplished on the cross. It comes down to whether we believe that what He did was more than enough for all that we are.

He thinks you were worth dying for even before you loved Him and got cleaned up from His blood!

And in case you are wondering, Lydia did get the job. No experience, she just knows a girl that knows a girl!

I love helping believers breakthrough the road blocks, the mindsets, and the obstacles that keep them from walking in the fullness of what Christ died to give to them. If you know that there is more but you are struggling to find it, connect with me on my website. I’d love to begin a conversation leading you to living the life you were created for.

Blessings friend,

Elle Stahlhut Roetzel




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