The Hidden Things

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I was walking to my office to do some writing when I got sidetracked by my pantry yesterday. It was an unusual diversion, but I suddenly had a strong desire to clean out the canned goods in my pantry. We have only been living in this home for 4 years so, I didn’t expect to find many containers with expired “use by dates”, but I knew that there were probably a few.

Just as I thought, I did find a few expired cans. As I continued making my way to the back of one of the shelves I was shocked to see that there was a gooey brown liquid under one of the cans. I had to stick my head between the shelves to see what was really going on back there. I discovered that there were a few cans leaking onto the shelf. As I pulled the cans out I saw that the expiration dates were before the date that we even moved into the house! We must have brought old, expired cans into our new house.

Great story but why am I telling you, right?

As I was cleaning up the cans, the Lord began to speak to me about the things we carry in our hearts that leak out and cause a mess in our lives. We can even be at a place in our life where we have received an upgrade, cleaned up a few of our habits or sins, and we don’t realize that when we stepped into that new place in Him we still had some hidden hurts, wounds, ideas, wrong believing, or habits that came right along with us.

Like the cans I found, they may be hidden in the back or down deep, so you don’t even know that they are there. They may ooze out hurt and wrong thinking without you even knowing. You could be so used to seeing, feeling, and responding in that way that you don’t even notice that they came along and are still there with you.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay there. As you shine the light of truth from the Word and the depth of Christ’s love for you on the hidden things, He is able to heal the wounds and adjust or correct your believing.

As a Spiritual Breakthrough Coach, I work with clients, like you, to shine light on the things that lay hidden in your heart and guide you in preparing a plan and strategy for breakthrough and a deeper experience of His love.

Connect with me by sending me a note through my website,, I’d love to help you shine light on your believing, so you can experience a fuller life with Jesus.

In case you were still wondering, once I knew what was hidden on the back of my shelf, I was able to get rid of the expired, oozing cans and the goo was easily wiped up with a wet paper towel. I’m so thankful I don’t have them setting on a wire shelf!

Blessings friend,

Elle Stahlhut Roetzel


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