From Empty to Overflowing

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Journaling from His heart for You, August 6, 2018

My darling child, you are a vessel that I designed, the beauty of which only I can completely comprehend. Yes, the world, circumstances, and choices have made marks, cracks, and chips on you but I have made you new. I’ve  not just covered them over or patched you in those places. I have made you NEW!

As you trust in Me and allow Me to flow through you, those places that the world may see as marred, broken, or flawed become a place that only I know how to use for My love and the power of My Kingdom and truth. These are places that I flow through you more beautifully and sets you apart from all others. They become places that now I can use to more beautifully display who I AM!

I may be the only one who sees your beauty there, but the world will see My power and love displayed through that place in you. It’s allowed Me to mold you into My beautiful design and plan for your life. Don’t hide those places, don’t mask those places, or pretend they don’t exist. Allow Me to put them on display in the depth of My love for all to see My glory, My power, My love, and My Kingdom.

When you try to live as if the cracks and chips don’t exist everything runs right through, and the broken places become bigger. BUT if you allow My love to flow through it is thick like a balm and fills those cracks and places. So, rather than running out all over and ending up drained and empty, you instead will be filled to overflowing. You will never be empty again but will overflow to everyone around you.

Be blessed,

Elle Stahlhut Roetzel

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