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The Lord has been speaking to my heart about how I have received rejection these past few years. 

Man has rejected me. Friends have rejected me. Then the lies started creeping in. They came so slowly that I didn’t recognize them. I’m surprised by this, because I have walked through rejection in the past and didn’t allow the lies in. In the past, I quickly invited God’s truth into those situations so the lies that accompany the rejection didn’t begin to take root.

This time it was a more deceptive process. I never thought I was believing any lies as I kept pressing on by releasing and blessing those who had rejected or hurt me. What I noticed this time though, that because rejection was happening in multiple areas of my life, it started to erode who I believed God was for me. Was He for me or was I to battle it out with Him to get Him to move on my behalf?

It sounds silly as I write this. God not for me? But that’s what happens my friend. The lies sneak in when we don’t suspect it. We can believe lies and not even know it until we sit quietly with Him and ask Him, “Am I believing any lies about You?”

As I sat with Him in this place, He was so loving and forgiving. I knew that I needed to renounce the lies, ask for forgiveness, and replace the lies with the truth of who He is. 

My friend, He is for you. He calls you His beloved. He will never leave you or forsake you. 

I encourage you to take time today and sit with Him. Invite His love and truth in and then ask Him, “Am I believing any lies about who You are?”

As He reveals these to you, renounce them and then ask Him to forgive you for believing the lies rather than His truth. Then as you experience His love washing over you and cleansing you, ask Him, “What truth do you have for me?”

Even if you don’t hear anything whispered to your heart, take His Word, which is full of His promises for you, and begin to declare who He says He is. 

This healing exercise is even more powerful as you state the lies and declare His promises out loud so that your heart hears them!


Blessings my friend, Elle


Elle Stahlhut

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