There is Joy in the Dance

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I am continually amazed at how the Lord knows what I need before I do and how He prepares me in advance before my day even begins.

I experienced this again yesterday as I spent time with Him. As I was in the Word, I found myself remaining in Psalm 27 and meditating on verse 3 in The Passion Translation.

“My heart will not be afraid even if an army rises to attack.
I know that you are there for me, so I will not be shaken.”

As I sat in this Word, I began journaling what was on my heart.

“Yes, Lord with every step I can remain in peace for You are there for me. Though torrents rage around me I can remain in peace and trust that you will hide me in the shadow of Your wings. I may feel the wind whistling, it’s even howled as it blows destruction around me, circling me. As I remain unmoved, in peace, the enemy will see that there is no place for him to have an inroad:

  • In my heart where I believe;
  • In my thoughts which are coming in alignment with truth; or
  • In my words which do not speak what I see with my natural eyes but speak with eyes of faith.”

I then began to hear Him whisper to my heart and so I continued journaling.

“My darling, as you stand in the turmoil and the raging wind around you I AM is there. The enemy can’t hurt you, don’t look at what he is doing keep your eyes on Me. If you look for Me you will find Me, yes even in the raging storm I AM there. As you find Me, you will see I am in perfect peace. Do you hear laughter? It is My laughter because I even have joy in the storm. Joy carried Me through to the cross because I saw this storm as I hung there and died to give you everything you need for this attack. Joy because I already defeated him for you. Joy that you and I can have together as I shelter you and dance with you through to the other side. I AM the perfect dance partner for you. I hold you in My arms and spin you across the dance floor escaping every pothole, every place of danger that he has set up to snag you and make you fall. At the cross everything was exposed, every sin revealed, every misstep was made right, and the way of escape was made ready. Keep your eyes on Me, look deeply into Me and see the fiery passion of My love that burns deeply for you. I will carry you across the dance floor and you will not be touched. Eternity is waiting for you here and now; eternity that we spend together in the fiery passion of My love. It burns off the dross. As we spin across the dance floor, the flame of My love and you, the object of My love, become one. The fiery flame defeats and burns up every obstacle, every setup, every scheme, every lie, and every false accusation.”

As my day continued, arrows began to fly at my heart through a conversation I had with someone close to me. As I sat in the hurt and disappointment, the Holy Spirit reminded me of what the Lord had showed me that morning. How quickly I had forgotten what was so beautifully spoken earlier. As I chose to look away from my hurt and think about His fiery eyes of love, my pain began to be swallowed up with the depths of His love and the truth of all that He is for me.

As another disappointment hit my heart later in the day, discouragement swirled around me causing me to feel alone and disqualified. Again, I was reminded of the Lord’s fiery eyes of passion and love. I remembered that He already knew what would come against me during this day. He knew, and He gave me the hope and truth I needed to walk through in victory and peace. I remembered the dance that we have together that steps around the pitfalls and setups that would cause me to fall. It is His love and victory at the cross that provides everything that I need to remain in peace and experience His joy no matter what the enemy may throw against me.

May you be encouraged today my friend to find His fiery eyes of love for you in the midst of the chaos and turmoil and find joy in your dance with Him, experiencing His peace.


Elle Stahlhut

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