About Elle

Hi, I’m Elle.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. I love making new memories with my family. When I’m not with my family you will find me in deep conversation over a cup of coffee with a friend. I even have pink lipstick sister friends.

I’ve lived in Seattle where I became a coffee snob but my midwest roots keep me believing that I am just one coffee date away from making a new friend.

My Testimony


I may have discovered the wonders of espresso in Seattle, but my “perfect” life began to unravel when I chose to have an abortion. This led to years of stuffing down the pain in an attempt to avoid facing what I had done and living with a mask to keep everyone from uncovering the ugly truth. 

My story doesn’t end there, and yours doesn’t have to end with the pain that you have walked through either.

Shame and regret, pain and brokenness are not where our stories end. Jesus came to heal your broken heart and deliver you from shame and regret.

He brought healing and Freedom to my story and I know He has the same for you.

Can I hear you say, “FREEDOM?”

Just saying the word brings joy to my heart!

Just for fun, here are some things I love besides Jesus and coffee:


I am a certified life coach and received a Certificate of Ministry through the International School of Ministry. A passion I have been living out for over 25 years is mentoring women so they can walk in the same freedom I found in Jesus.

I would love to have a conversation over coffee to hear all about you, your dreams, and your passions. Click the button and schedule a free 30-minute session and we can set a time to have coffee over zoom.

Blessings my friend, I can’t wait to get to know you.