I am a Certified Breakthrough Coach and a Trained Strategic Interventionist through the Tony Robbins Madanes Training School. I received a Practical Ministry Certification through the International School of Ministry and have been mentoring and discipling women for over 25 years through leading Bible Studies, small groups, and one-on-one sessions. I have also been trained in inner healing which goes to the root of the wounds in your heart.

I have been set-free from the pain of abortion that kept me bound in shame, overwhelmed, and unable to experience true intimacy with Christ. I didn’t understand the power that my past had on my day-to-day life until I was set-free.

I have experienced multiple miscarriages, storms of cancer, and death of a spouse but have discovered victory and how to overcome. My passion is to walk alongside you as you discover the victory you have in Christ and how He transforms you from the inside out. The fullness of life that He died to give to you isn’t based upon your circumstances. It is experienced as your thinking and believing begins to line up to who Jesus says you are through the heart of the cross.

The tools that I have learned and applied in my life through these circumstances will change the way you see yourself and your situations. I am now on a mission to see you set-free and living a life of peace and joy, the life that Christ died to give to you.

You can live in victory!

You have a choice right now, today, to either continue being disappointed, angry, resentful, and overwhelmed or become empowered to overcome!

When you apply these tools to your life, the tough and overwhelming circumstances will became a place you experience Jesus’ passionate love for you.