I love to write books that bring freedom and truth to others. In addition to Bridal Redemption, I released my first children’s book in December of 2017. It became the #1 New Children’s Release on Amazon within the first few days.

In the fall of 2018, I began working on my first journal project with a talented and gifted author, Vicki Kloosterhouse. In June of 2019, Discovering God’s Purpose was released as a result of that collaboration. In addition to the journal, there is a companion video series that takes you deeper into discovering the story God placed inside of you. For more information and to purchase, CLICK HERE.

Bridal Redemption

I Am Brave Like David, Right?

Discovering God’s Purpose

Elle, I want to thank you for the message in Bridal Redemption! God used your book wonderfully to help me have comfort and hope, to be encouraged that God’s way is best, even though it made no sense to me. I included in my journal many of the scriptures that spoke to you because they spoke to me too. Thank you for writing so that other people like myself can be led to Jesus for hope and encouragement. Your book gave me the first steps to healing. Thank you!

-Shirley Gabriel

It’s a beautiful story full of God’s love and grace!!! If you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend it!! – Lisa Hardy Frost