Breakthrough Coaching Package

The Problem

When storms come:

  • You have no Peace;
  • You wonder if God is good and if He is even there for you;
  • You sit in the pain or turmoil; and
  • You decide things can’t get better.

Even if you know that God loves you and He’ll never leave you or forsake you, in the middle of a trial or storm you default to fear, overwhelm, past disappointments, and hopelessness. How you respond when the trial first hits reveals what you believe in your heart.

Have you had enough?

Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and start living out of the fullness that was given to you at the cross?

Eternal life is not defined in the Word of God by how and where you live after you die. Jesus defines eternal life in John 17:3 as “knowing and experiencing” God the Father and Jesus, His son. Knowing God now, in this life and experiencing everything Jesus died to give you at the cross.

The Solution

My Breakthrough Coaching Package of 4 coaching sessions will be just the kick start you need to make a change. In 4 weeks you will:

  • Identify the disappointments and lies;
  • Strategize for breakthrough;
  • Exchange the lies you believe; and
  • Prepare your personal declarations from the Word of God to align your heart with how God sees you.

What it Includes:

  • 4 – 60-minute coaching sessions on Zoom;
  • Goal setting and weekly strategy;
  • Free Tools;
  • Assessments; and
  • Accountability

This coaching program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Face your past pain and disappointment;
  • Be consistent and do the work;
  • Push past all the excuses; and
  • Press through the things that hold you back.

This coaching program isn’t for you if you:

  • Want to stay where you are;
  • Are comfortable with things not getting better;
  • Believe that your past is bigger than what Jesus did on the cross; and
  • Have excuses for why God’s truth isn’t true for you and your situation.

This package is normally $497 but I have discounted it to $397.

The cost of not making any change and going through the same frustrations over and over again…….?

If you are ready for a change be sure to fill out the form below to start on the road to breakthrough.