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I know what it is like to hope for things to change but not knowing who to trust, what the process looks like, or if I was strong enough to press through the pain.

Freedom from shame, guilt, condemnation, and the pain from your past can only be found in Jesus.

I discovered freedom through Jesus and now I want to be your guide as you receive freedom in your life. 

Check out my courses and packages to choose which one is right for you.

Can You Receive This Same Hope?

Absolutely! So, let’s connect over a free 30-minute call that will include prayer and mapping your road to freedom. 

Schedule your call today. Freedom is waiting for you, my friend.

Do you feel like:
  • You need to keep your past a secret?
  • Everyone is better and more worthy than you?
  • The things you have walked through have made you a bad person?
My friend, this is what shame does in our lives as it partners with guilt and condemnation. 
These video teachings will give you the keys to freedom.
This course includes:
  • Teachings on righteousness and guilt
  • Prayer to break off shame once and for all
  • Assessments and Tools
  • Study Guide
The videos are set up so that you can do them on your own and at your own pace.
You don’t have to hide anymore.
You don’t have to push the pain down hoping that you won’t feel it anymore.
I also had an abortion. I pushed the pain down so deep I thought it wasn’t affecting me anymore. I was wrong. Even though I didn’t think about it on a daily basis, it affected me in the way I saw myself, my relationships, my future, and God.
This 6-week online course will reveal the keys to receive healing and freedom from:
  • Guilt
  • Condemnation
  • Shame
  • A broken heart
You don’t have to carry it any longer.
Now is your time.

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Have you wanted to change the way you respond to the situations in your life?
Do you find it hard to gain any ground with the changes you try so hard to make?
Changing your actions without changing your inner life doesn’t bring transformation. Change happens when you change your thoughts, your beliefs, and the story you tell yourself about the situation.
This 4-week Kick Start Coaching Package will:
  • Identify Past Disappointments and Beliefs
  • Strategize Steps to keep you in Peace
  • Recognize the Lies that keep you bound and Exchange them for Truth which sets you FREE
  • Create Declarations to keep your heart aligned with the freedom you receive.
Click here and get started living the life you’ve always dreamed.
You no longer have to be:
  • The labels that people gave you, 
  • The circumstances that defined you, or
  • The pain that speaks to you!
This coaching package includes the 6-week Your Secret Name Journey combined with individual coaching sessions.
You will be empowered to step into the fullness of your identity in Christ by:
  • Removing the masks you hide behind, 
  • Removing the labels people gave you, and
  • Receiving your new name.
Freedom awaits you as you discover the name the Lord has given you, empowering you to live from how He sees you.

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