Breakthrough Coaching Programs

My passion is for you to live from the abundant life that Christ died to give you at the cross. You know that your life should be one of victory BUT as you walk through your day:

  • You experience frustration, overwhelm, hopelessness, and disappointment;
  • You struggle in your relationships, your thought life, and intimacy with the Lord.

Overflowing life in Christ isn’t dependent upon your circumstances.

The victory that He died to give you begins inside of you.

God will do a new thing in you as you take a step of faith and begin the journey of transformation from the inside out!

This coaching package is six weeks in length. You will uncover and remove the hinderances to walking in faith and will learn to use the tools that connect you with the Lord throughout your day, no matter the situation. Your relationships will become more fulfilling as you come into agreement with who He sees you to be.

You will walk in wisdom and discover discernment as you are empowered and strengthened inside and out. (Proverbs 4:21-22 TPT)

This package includes assessments and free tools to help you along the way.

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This coaching package will take you on a journey of discovering and removing the mindsets that keep you out of a deep and fulfilling relationship with the Lord.

Your ability to connect with the Lord and hear His voice will increase while also identifying and defining your pillars of faith that will keep you immoveable through the storms of life. Assessments and free tools will be utilized throughout the coaching sessions.

This is a Four-Week Kick Start Coaching Package that will:

  • Identify Past Disappointments and Beliefs
  • Strategize Ways to keep you Standing in Peace
  • Exchange the Lies that keep you bound with Truth from the Word
  • Prepare Declarations to align your heart with Truth from the Word

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You no longer have to be the labels that people have given you, that circumstances have defined you as, or what your pain speaks to you!

This coaching package includes the 6-week Your Secret Name Journey combined with individual coaching sessions. You will be empowered to step into the fullness of your identity in Christ by removing the masks and the labels that have kept you bound. Freedom awaits you as you discover your true name, empowering you to live from a deeper relationship with the Lord.