Are you looking for lively and engaging presentations that speak to the hearts of women about issues they wrestle with? If so, consider me for your next workshop, women’s retreat, or conference.

I love connecting with women through my authentic, open approach, combined with relevant content.  I address a variety of topics that range from leadership to the power of God’s love for healing, to spiritual intimacy. All of my presentations are built upon the foundational truth of God’s Word, emphasize God’s grace and the hope, joy, and peace we find in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

My gift of bringing application and tools from the Word of God by weaving it through my testimonies of Jesus’ love and healing power brings revelation and practical steps to overcome.

Contact me to customize a presentation to meet the needs of your group and inquire about availability and fees.

I offer keynote speaking on various topics including:
  • Healing the Pain and Wounds in Our Hearts
  • Healing from Abortion and Shame
  • Living in Freedom
  • Walking through Illness and Death
  • Overcoming Disappointment
  • Fulfilling Your Purpose
Contact me today to begin the conversation.


“I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your coming to speak at our Women’s Night.  I have already told so many people about the things that you shared and the encounter that you led us on to receive what Jesus wanted to give us.  WOW! I know my soul has been craving a night like that and I am sure many others had been as well.”
“I also love your speaking style, and it really inspired me!  The way that you told your story so gently while intertwining it with scripture and what Holy Spirit was wanting to give to the women was incredible.  To see someone like you, who carries a lot of spiritual authority, deliver it in such a gentle and beautiful way, was really encouraging to me.”
“Thank you for being who you are and for being willing to be vulnerable with the body of Christ.”
Christina, Freedom Church