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From Empty to Overflowing

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  Journaling from His heart for You, August 6, 2018 My darling child, you are a vessel that I designed, the beauty of which only I can completely comprehend. Yes, the world, circumstances, and choices have made marks, cracks, and chips on you but I have made you new. I’ve  not just covered them over or…

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The Hidden Things

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I was walking to my office to do some writing when I got sidetracked by my pantry yesterday. It was an unusual diversion, but I suddenly had a strong desire to clean out the canned goods in my pantry. We have only been living in this home for 4 years so, I didn’t expect to…

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Negative Self-Talk

1024 683 Elle Stahlhut file | Play in new window | Duration: 5:54How to handle difficult situations without going into negative self-talk.

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