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Uncovering What You Believe

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It was a powerful moment for me years ago when I had an experience of the Lord’s love that completely set me free. His love poured into my heart just like the Word says in Romans 5:5, “by the power of His Spirit,” and everything changed for me from that moment forward. The way I…

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You Are Seated in Heavenly Realms with Christ

1024 683 Elle Stahlhut file | Play in new window | Duration: 4:58Ephesians 2:6 You are seated with Christ in the Heavenly realms, allow this truth to strengthen you as you walk through tough times.

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How to Catch the Curve Ball

1024 768 Elle Stahlhut

Isn’t it amazing how fast summer has gone. It seems like during the month of August we cram as many things into our days as we can before summer is completely gone. Along with the things we plan, there are lots of things that start back up again. In our house one of those things…

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John 13:1-4 A Key to Our Identity

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